About us

The need for professional distribution of components became obvious by the late eighties. Manufacturers focused more and more on Integrated Quality, Just-In-Time and Zero-Defect production at a moment when a growing number of smaller water treatment companies entered the market and an equally important number of larger OEM’s looked for partners to outsource their non-core activities.

AQUA.COM was started in 1992 exactly for that reason. We could offer to these companies the professional missing link between their production plants and the specific needs of an ever-growing number of water treatment companies and pool builders.

Thanks to AQUA.COM manufacturers could pay maximum attention to their production while water treatment companies and pool builders could do the same for their customers; the end-users.

AQUA.COM assured them of sufficient stock, large range of components, quick supply and very competitive prices. Availability of specialised engineers and skilled technicians capable of talking about solutions instead of only products represented a solid additional gain.

What was started in Herentals was later repeated in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. To improve the use of our resources a European company named AQUAPLANET was incorporated in 2000. Thanks to AQUAPLANET we were able to also combine our buying power and as such provide customers with the best quality/price products.

AQUAPLANET offered to international suppliers a European wide availability of their products. Subsidiaries of international customers were given the possibility to access a complete range of quality products and services in their own country.

The recent addition of our new affiliates is the best prove of our continuous commitment to the industry.

Together we make it better

AQUA-COM nv – the management

25 years experience in water treatment